Whispering Pines Angus Stud

A local ethically maintained Black Angus stud

Whispering Pines Angus Stud

Whispering Pines Angus Stud is a local ethically maintained Black Angus stud based in the South West of WA. The farm is a third generation bull stud with the primary goal of improving the qualities of the breed to suit southern WA's unique growing conditions and markets.

Whispering Pines decided they wanted to stand out from the crowd and opt for a well-designed, well performing website with unique features.

Whispering Pines occasionally sell their cattle at local cattle sales. They wanted a section of the website that allowed them to provide detailed and accurate information about the cattle for sale, as well as information and the location about the sale itself.

We came up with the sales section of the website that allows users to view details about the cattle for sale that pulls data directly from an external website (a regulartory body). This information is crucial for making an informed purchase as it contains a lot of the data found in the on-site programme, but the data is often months out of date.

  • Cattle sale marketing tool
  • Autonomous herd data updating

  • Server
  • Environment
  • Database
  • Templating
  • APIs
  • Daniel DeLoretta