Sticky Notes

Sticky notes for a job application coding test

Sticky Notes

The Sticky Notes app was part of a job application and was an optional task if you really wanted to show off.

The task criteria was the following:

Create a simple note-taking app. You should be able to:

  • Add a note
  • Edit a note
  • Delete a note

Also make sure that:

  • Each note should look like a colored rectangular box.
  • Boxes can be colored in different colors, selected from a fixed list of colors.

I ticked all of the essential criteria outlined. The criteria didn't provide any time restrictions, so I imposed a 120 minute restriction on this task. Once I had verified all of the essential criteria worked, I decided to add in my own little flair and quickly whipped up a way to share the notes so you can send the notes via a unique URL with yourself - or if you're lucky and have a friend, you can send it to them too! Here's a note I prepared earlier: Daniel's shared sticky notes.

The app makes use of your browsers local storage to keep the data there. Only when you share the note is it stored in the database.

  • Sticky notes
  • Shareable notes

  • Server
  • Environment
  • Database
  • Templating
  • Daniel DeLoretta