A loyalty program for a craft beer bar

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Darleen's is a local craft beer bar that is owned by local brewing legends Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. They have a 1000 beer club loyalty program. There are prizes along the way for certain milestones, such as reaching 500 beers, and the grand prize at 1000 beers: your name on a plaque on the wall, and a party thrown in your honour.

Their old method of tracking purchased beers was rather cumbersome: each user had their own card, and tally marks added to that card as they purchased beers. Imagine having to count to 1,000 in groups of (hopefully) fives. No thanks. There was no real way to prevent users adding a few extra tally marks to their cards either. There was no real method in place to protect against cards being lost. I proposed a solution.

I managed to gamify (sort of) the beers purchased. There was already a competitive element between the clientele, but there was no real way to brag (seems to be an odd thing to want to do). Which lead to the creation of the public leaderboard (complete with privacy controls).

I also added an achievement system with different types of achievements - number of beers logged, date-based, and consecutive days visited. Hidden achievements were also added and they could be any type of achievement, along with being able to reward the user with something (typically a free beer) to any achievement in the system.

In addition to the loyalty program, the system also tracks what beers the user is consuming, and can give rewards, and use the information for internal marketing purposes. An example of this is the user may log their 500th beer which triggers an achievement with a reward: they get a six pack of their favourite style of beer (as determined by the system).

  • Achievement system
  • Leaderboard
  • Taplist
  • Privacy controls
  • Email marketing tools
  • Consumer insights

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  • Environment
  • Database
  • Templating
  • APIs
  • Daniel DeLoretta